Italian company 
leading manifacturer of measurement instruments
for gamma and beta radiactive emissions and X-rays

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012
Bone Densitometers  Nuclear Medicine  Portal Monitors 


Bone Densitometer DEXA fan-beam type using exclusive
     multidetector scanner with 3 or 5 channel detectors for Total
     Body, Femour, Spine and Forearm surveys


Mobile Bone Densitometer DEXA fan-beam type using exclusive
     multidetector scanner Femour, Spine and Forearm surveys 

Radiopharmacy and Hot Room

MULTICROMATOGAMMA 1024 TLC Radiochromatography


GAMMAFIS Robot for Automatic Fractioning

GAMMACELL TWIN Shielded Manipulation Hot Cell

GAMMACAL Dose Calibrator


Radiation Monitors

GAMMAMEP4 (Compact) Hand-Foot-Clothing Monitor

GAMMAMEP4 Hand-Foot-Clothing Monitor

SPECTRAGAMMA III Portable Multichannel Analyser

GAMMAPOCKET II Portable Digital Monitor

GAMMAWASTE Waste Disposal

GAMMAPACK Monitoring System



MONOGAMMA Thyroid Uptake System



Radioimmunology (RIA)

VIDEOGAMMA/Rack Automatic Gamma Counter

VIDEOGAMMA 4480 High Capacity Gamma Counter

     GAMMAPORT Monitoring System
     GAMMAPOCKET/MF Portable Monitor with NaI(Tl) probe

SPECTRAGAMMA III Portable Multichannel Analyser


The Company


l’acn l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l. – Producers since 1975 of equipments for  Nuclear Medicine and DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry).
Its mission:  Inventiveness, Quality , Safety 

Forty years ago, at september 1975, Leonardo Pepe founds l’acn having as goal the production of electronics equipments addressed to Nuclear Medicine.The first innovative equipments, yet now  considerd products of high quality, was born in that years tanks to the pioneering spirit of his founder.The gamma counter mod. Videogamma was the equipment that, first in the world, used a PC conneted by serial  port RS232.
Other products, based on the same concept  were produced and dedicated to Radiopharmaceutical Quality control Monitoring of contamination and exposition to radioactive isotopes. Since 1980
l’acn produces equipments for the Osteoporosis studies and, today, is one among the world leader companies  producers of DEXA using X-Ray source.

l’acn is able to present an exlusive list of products having as score business the line of world interest dedicated to equipments  DEXA.


new Bone Densitometer


New design and high quality